200+ Best Savage Cousins Quotes for Instagram

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Looking to sprinkle some sassy charm and heartfelt bonding onto your Instagram feed? Dive into the world of savage cousins quotes for Instagram.

Whether it’s the unbreakable bonds, quirky family dynamics, or the legacy of shared laughter, these quotes have got you covered. Get ready to capture the essence of cousin relationships in seven unique ways.

Bonding and Banter

Get ready to amp up your Instagram with some fierce and heartwarming savage cousins quotes. Celebrate the unbreakable bond that turns blood into friendship, and genetics into cherished memories.

  1. Cousins: united by blood, strengthened by friendship.
  2. Life’s better with cousins by my side.
  3. We share genes and jeans – that’s how close we are.
  4. Cousins: family you can choose, friends you can’t lose.
  5. Two families, one heart, endless memories.
  6. Born as cousins, stayed as best friends.
  7. Through thick and thin, we’re kin and friends.
  8. Cousins make the best kind of friends.
  9. Friends may come and go, but cousins are forever.
  10. Cousins: the original squad goals.
  11. Cousins are the spice of life’s recipe.
  12. Family ties that can’t be untied.
  13. Cousins: partners in crime and laughter.
  14. Forever grateful for my cousin connection.
  15. Cousins are like stars in my family’s sky.
  16. In our family, cousins are the glue that holds us together.
  17. Life’s journey is sweeter with cousins to share it.
  18. Cousins bring warmth to my heart and chaos to my life.
  19. Cousins: where family history meets future memories.
  20. Blood makes us related, but love makes us family.
  21. Cousins: our differences make us stronger.
  22. From childhood to forever, cousins are a constant.
  23. Cousins are the stitches in the fabric of our family.
  24. Laughter is louder when cousins are around.
  25. Cousins are the secret keepers of my soul.
  26. Celebrating the beautiful mess that is our cousin bond.
  27. Cousins: a reminder that I’m never alone.
  28. Cousins make every moment memorable.
  29. Forever blessed with the best cousins in the world.
  30. My cousins are my heart’s chosen companions.

Family Sass

It’s time to bring out the family sass with these savage cousins quotes for Instagram. From standing united against the world to turning every challenge into a triumph, our cousin crew is unstoppable.

  1. Mess with us, and you’ll get the whole cousin crew!
  2. Family first, always and forever.
  3. Cousins by birth, partners in crime by choice.
  4. Cousins: the united front against the world.
  5. When we’re together, no one can mess with us.
  6. Our family is small but fiercely mighty.
  7. Cousins: our attitude runs in the genes.
  8. Our bond is stronger than any challenge.
  9. Cousins: the ultimate sibling gang.
  10. Family is where our loyalty lies, no questions asked.
  11. Mess with one cousin, deal with us all.
  12. Cousins: a team that can handle anything.
  13. Family: where life begins and love never ends.
  14. We’re cousins, and that’s a superpower.
  15. Cousins: our love is loud and our unity unbreakable.
  16. In this family, we stand together through thick and thin.
  17. Cousins: a united front against any odds.
  18. We might fight within, but woe to those who cross us.
  19. Cousins: bound by blood, fortified by friendship.
  20. Our family motto: stick together, no matter what.
  21. Cousins: we laugh, we fight, we love, we conquer.
  22. We argue like siblings because we’re that close.
  23. Cousins: united we sass, divided we conquer.
  24. Family is the foundation of our strength.
  25. Cousins: a team that’s always got your back.
  26. Our family’s love is fierce, unapologetic, and unbreakable.
  27. Cousins: the true meaning of family goals.
  28. With cousins like these, who needs enemies?
  29. We’re cousins, and that’s a bond no one can break.
  30. Family ties are unbreakable, just like our spirits.

Unfiltered Fun

Capture the unfiltered fun and pure joy of cousinhood with these savage cousins quotes for Instagram. Life’s a grand adventure when cousins are your partners in crime, laughter, and endless escapades.

  1. Cousins: the keepers of my crazy moments.
  2. Life’s a rollercoaster, and my cousins are the ride or die crew.
  3. Adventures are wilder and laughter’s louder with cousins around.
  4. Cousins: where weirdness is celebrated, not judged.
  5. With cousins, every moment becomes a memory to cherish.
  6. Life’s a party, and my cousins are the VIP guests.
  7. Cousins: partners in mischief, laughter, and fun.
  8. The best stories are created when cousins unite.
  9. Cousins make even the simplest days unforgettable.
  10. Laughing till our sides hurt – that’s cousin therapy.
  11. Cousins: where silliness is a sign of strength.
  12. Adventures are better when shared with cousins.
  13. Cousins: the architects of my happiest memories.
  14. In the chaos of life, cousins are my constant joy.
  15. Our bond is made of laughter, love, and endless memories.
  16. Cousins: turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.
  17. With cousins, life’s a carnival of fun and joy.
  18. Laughter echoes louder when cousins are around.
  19. Cousins are the secret ingredient in my happiness recipe.
  20. Every day is a new adventure with my cousin crew.
  21. Cousins: the original creators of inside jokes.
  22. Where cousins gather, happiness is multiplied.
  23. Cousins: our energy is infectious, and our laughter is addictive.
  24. Cousins make even the dullest moments shine.
  25. Adventures with cousins: the recipe for a happy heart.
  26. In the story of my life, cousins are the highlight reel.
  27. Cousins: where every memory is a masterpiece.
  28. My cousin crew knows how to turn any day into a party.
  29. Life’s a game, and my cousins are my favorite players.
  30. Cousins: the ultimate source of my endless joy.

Squad Goals

Embrace the true essence of squad goals with these savage cousins quotes for Instagram. From being your biggest fans to standing by you through thick and thin, cousins are the ultimate squad that defines family goals.

  1. Cousins: the original and forever squad.
  2. Squad goals: cousins edition.
  3. We’re not just cousins; we’re a tight-knit squad.
  4. Cousins: the squad that’s always got my back.
  5. My cousins are my ride or die crew, no questions asked.
  6. Squad goals: matching DNA and unbreakable bonds.
  7. Cousins: where loyalty and love run deep.
  8. With my cousins by my side, every challenge is conquerable.
  9. Cousins: we don’t just stick together; we thrive together.
  10. Squad loyalty runs in our cousin blood.
  11. Cousins: my forever partners in life’s journey.
  12. Squad vibes, cousin ties – that’s how we roll.
  13. Cousins: the squad that defines family goals.
  14. My cousins are the stars of my life’s adventure.
  15. Squad goals achieved: cousins united for life.
  16. Cousins: where unity and strength are second nature.
  17. We’re cousins, and we’re each other’s biggest fans.
  18. Squad goals: cousins who uplift and inspire.
  19. With my cousins around, every moment is a victory.
  20. Cousins: the squad that celebrates life’s wins together.
  21. We’re more than just cousins; we’re a power-packed squad.
  22. Squad loyalty is written in our cousin DNA.
  23. Cousins: the squad that adds sparkle to my life.
  24. Squad goals met: cousins who cherish and uplift.
  25. With cousins like these, life’s challenges are just adventures.
  26. Cousins: where support and strength come in the same package.
  27. Squad vibes with my cousins are unmatched and irreplaceable.
  28. We’re cousins on a mission to make every moment memorable.
  29. Cousins: my life’s favorite and most valuable squad.
  30. Squad goals fulfilled: cousins who love, laugh, and uplift.

Sassy Siblings

Get ready for a dose of sibling-like banter and unconditional love with these savage cousins quotes for Instagram. Our cousin bond is like a rollercoaster ride – a mix of squabbles, laughter, and a bond that can’t be broken.

  1. Cousins: we fight, we laugh, we’re family.
  2. We bicker like siblings, but our bond is unbreakable.
  3. Cousins: where sibling rivalry turns into lifelong friendship.
  4. We may argue, but we’ve got each other’s backs.
  5. Cousins: born to annoy each other, destined to love each other.
  6. Sibling-like bond, cousin-like love – that’s us.
  7. Cousins: the siblings I never asked for, but I’m grateful for every day.
  8. Our arguments are loud, but our love is louder.
  9. Cousins: where disagreements are just part of the journey.
  10. Sibling vibes with cousin hearts – that’s our equation.
  11. We tease like siblings, we care like family.
  12. Cousins: two souls tied together in a wild, crazy way.
  13. We fight fiercely and forgive wholeheartedly – that’s our bond.
  14. Cousins: where rivalry turns into respect and love.
  15. Sibling-like love with an extra dash of cousin craziness.
  16. We’re cousins, partners in mischief, and siblings at heart.
  17. Cousins: where fights are forgotten and love remains.
  18. We squabble like siblings, then laugh like best friends.
  19. Cousins: where love and rivalry coexist harmoniously.
  20. Sibling dynamics with cousin connections – that’s us.
  21. We’re cousins who argue like siblings and care like family.
  22. Cousins: where battles become stories and love prevails.
  23. Sibling rivalry meets cousin camaraderie – the best combo.
  24. We might fight, but we’re family through and through.
  25. Cousins: where childhood fights become adult memories.
  26. Sibling-like bond, cousin-like affection – that’s our blend.
  27. Our cousin bond is like siblings with an extra sprinkle of fun.
  28. We squabble, we reconcile, and we cherish our cousin bond.
  29. Cousins: fighting partners turned lifelong companions.
  30. We’re cousins who share the love-hate relationship of siblings.

Crazy Connection

Dive into the wild and crazy world of family with these savage cousins quotes for Instagram. We might be the nutty branches on the family tree, but our connection is what keeps us grounded and united.

  1. Cousins: where chaos meets connection.
  2. Our family tree might be crazy, but our love is crazier.
  3. Cousins: the wild branches of a chaotic family tree.
  4. In this family, craziness runs through our veins.
  5. We’re the nutty branches on the family tree – and we’re proud.
  6. Cousins: a mix of chaos, love, and laughter.
  7. Our family is a circus, and we’re the star performers.
  8. Crazy family, crazier cousins – that’s us.
  9. Cousins: the whirlwind of energy in our family gatherings.
  10. Family gatherings are incomplete without our crazy cousin crew.
  11. We bring the chaos, the laughter, and the love to every occasion.
  12. Cousins: the spark that ignites the family fun.
  13. Our family is a puzzle of personalities, and we’re the colorful pieces.
  14. We embrace the madness in our family with open arms.
  15. Cousins: where chaos turns into cherished memories.
  16. Our family gatherings are like a rollercoaster ride – full of ups, downs, and laughs.
  17. In the tapestry of our family, we’re the vibrant threads of chaos.
  18. Cousins: the vibrant strokes on the canvas of our family.
  19. We’re the crazy glue that holds our family together.
  20. Our family may be quirky, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
  21. Cousins: the spirited heartbeats of our family gatherings.
  22. We’re the jokers, the dancers, and the heart of our family gatherings.
  23. In our family’s story, we’re the unexpected plot twists.
  24. Cousins: where chaos blooms into beautiful memories.
  25. Our family gatherings are like a symphony of craziness, and we’re the conductors.
  26. We bring the energy, the laughter, and the love to every family event.
  27. Cousins: the dynamic force in our family’s adventures.
  28. Our family’s secret ingredient: cousins who make everything wild and wonderful.
  29. We might be the odd ones out, but we’re proud of our unique cousin bond.
  30. Cousins: the ones who turn family gatherings into legendary celebrations.

Legacy of Laughter

Step into a legacy filled with laughter and shared moments through these savage cousins quotes for Instagram. Our family’s story is written in smiles, echoed in laughter, and passed down from one generation to the next.

  1. Cousins: where laughter echoes through generations.
  2. Our family’s legacy is written in the ink of laughter.
  3. Laughter is the glue that binds our cousin bond.
  4. Cousins: the storytellers who turn tears into laughter.
  5. In our family, laughter is the greatest inheritance.
  6. Our legacy: a trail of laughter that never fades.
  7. Cousins: the keepers of a legacy filled with smiles.
  8. We’re writing our family’s history with laughter as the ink.
  9. Laughter is the music that fills our family’s heart.
  10. Cousins: passing down the gift of laughter from one generation to the next.
  11. Our family’s legacy: a symphony of laughter and joy.
  12. With cousins, every moment becomes a page in our laughter-filled legacy.
  13. We’re the bearers of a legacy that’s all about laughter and love.
  14. Cousins: the architects of a legacy built on laughter and shared memories.
  15. Our laughter is the legacy that will echo through time.
  16. Laughter is our family’s secret ingredient for a joyful legacy.
  17. Cousins: where laughter is the currency of our bond.
  18. Our legacy shines brightest in the smiles and laughter we share.
  19. We’re the torchbearers of a legacy painted with vibrant laughter.
  20. Cousins: the keepers of a treasure trove of funny family tales.
  21. Laughter is the legacy we leave for those who come after us.
  22. Our family’s story is a tapestry woven with threads of laughter.
  23. Cousins: where laughter is the language of our legacy.
  24. We’re creating a legacy that’s bound by the threads of laughter.
  25. Laughter is the chapter title of our family’s legacy.
  26. Our legacy isn’t written in ink; it’s etched in the echoes of our laughter.
  27. Cousins: passing on the legacy of love, laughter, and togetherness.
  28. Laughter is the melody that defines our family’s legacy.
  29. Our legacy isn’t measured in wealth; it’s counted in the laughs we share.
  30. Cousins: writing a legacy where laughter is the central theme.


From bonding and banter to unfiltered fun, from family sass to sassy siblings, and the legacy of laughter in between, these savage cousins quotes for Instagram offer a kaleidoscope of emotions that cousins share.

Pick your favorites, showcase your unique connection, and let these quotes transform your Instagram into a canvas of cousin memories, love, and joy.

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